#occupyWallStreet – a history lesson

This morning I was reading quite a well written and researched article in stuff.co.nz on the topic of the global uprising that is happening called Occupy Wall Street. The problem is, the information in the aritcle is wrong.  It goes on to explain with quite a provocative title that from a single hash tag, a world wide revolution has begun.

The author Ben Berkowitz has painstakingly taken some data from a twitter large pipe analytics provider (like UberVue or DataSift) and has found where the first #occupyWallStreet murmurs have begun and then proceeded to write an article on the phenomenon.  The problem is, the author doesn’t really know anything about the topic.

I have been following the #occupywallstreet movement for over a year now (not July 13 2011 as suggested by Mr Berkowitz).  This thing actually started with anonymous, the disbanded hacking collective that haunts the darker recesses of the internet.  Mumblings actually started about a year and a half ago about a sit in across the globe.

One chap started a group called Empire State Rebellion Amped.  This is indeed the true actual start of the #occupywallstreet phenomenon.  It started as a facebook page and they now seem to have a web site ampedstatus.org whose main beef is that the federal reserve bank of america sends cash with interest to the banking sector, therefore fueling inflation by its very nature.

I am not an expert on monetary policy, indeed I don’t even have an opinion on the whole topic but I need to make sure that history remembers the truth of where this started, before it gets hijacked by special interest groups.

The 99% branding is a recent thing (last four weeks) and frankly it is memorable and quite catchy.  So in some respects it’s (often confusing message) humble beginnings seems to have taken on a life of its own.

I am not sure what the movement intends to achieve.  Perhaps just to blow of a little steam. A few cops will get hurt, a few protesters will probably die.  Will the banking sector take any note, probably not.  Will the politicians take note?  The Pirate Party might.  Perhaps they will be the true winner from the #occupywallstreet phenomenon in the end.

Quick Update: (timestamp: Monday 7 Nov 2011)

The Huffington Post has an article with an anonymous video on it.  They mention the Empire State Rebellion. Remember you heard it here first.


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