National Anthems – Rugby World Cup 2011

I went to a local bar this morning at 9am.  A bit early for me on a normal day, but today Australia were playing rugby against New Zealand.  I come from one of those countries, actually I have lived in both, so I have feeling for both countries.

Watching the game, at a distance, one room in the bar full of New Zealanders and another room full of Aussies.  In the New Zealand room there was fifty or so people standing on their feet, cheering the game on.

In the other room, everyone was seated. There was angry grumbling from the Aussies, as sport is their national pastime.  Kiwis are the poor cousins of Australia, they have a smaller population (4.5M) vs Australias 20M.

Australia has Sydney, a gleaming pinnacle of city living with several hundred kilometers of beach within the city limits.  That’s pretty cool.

New Zealand, they have Auckland, its different.  Its bigger, yet smaller at the same time. Smaller as in smaller minds, smaller views of how they can succeed so all-in-all New Zealand is ‘smaller’.

So it was a pleasant surprise that New Zealand (playing in their home country) in the semifinals managed to beat their arch rivals convincingly. Often they loose heart towards the second half of the second half.  This time they didn’t and they crushed the aussies.

But this isn’t the point of this blog post.  The point is, you can pretty much listen to a countries national anthem and work out who is going to win the game before they start playing.

National Anthems.  Just listen, here are the two national anthems of the two teams.


New Zealand:

The think is, it’s pretty obvious who was going to win, well before the game started.

The worrying thing is that next week New Zealand plays France in the Final.  Those french guys have a pretty good anthem.

French National Anthem:

So, good luck, whoever wins.  Perhaps the loser should consider changing their anthem for the next work cup?


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