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Another Great Dies – This time John McCarthy

I guess it’s that time of the century, where all the greats start to topple off this mortal coil.   For those of you reading this who are oblivious to the history of technology a chap called John McCarthy died … Continue reading

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#occupyWallStreet – a history lesson

This morning I was reading quite a well written and researched article in on the topic of the global uprising that is happening called Occupy Wall Street. The problem is, the information in the aritcle is wrong.  It goes on … Continue reading

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National Anthems – Rugby World Cup 2011

I went to a local bar this morning at 9am.  A bit early for me on a normal day, but today Australia were playing rugby against New Zealand.  I come from one of those countries, actually I have lived in … Continue reading

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iOS 5.0 Upgrade Night Mares – Dennis Dead (not related)

Today, I decided to iUpgrade.  All the computers, all the iDevices.  This was a mistake. As soon as I was told that Dennis Ritchie had died I should have probably taken it as a sign. Today was not the day … Continue reading

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Steve is Dead, time to try MongoDB

A few weeks ago I went to an event called #seedhack.  I met a chap there called Russel Smith.  He seemed to know quite a bit about MongoDB and was kind enough to sit down and spend a few hours … Continue reading

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